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HEIMISH PH 5.5 ALL CLEAN GREEN FOAM 150ML – Best foaming facial cleanser in Pakistan

Healthy Skin Facial Cleanser

The All Clean Green Foam cleanser is made with a low pH of 5.5 to help clean and balance your skin’s healthy quality without leaving any irritation. This clear gel foam cleanser makes it perfect before applying your skincare routine day or night!

✔ Cleanses oil, dirt residue and make-up

✔ Amino Acid cleansing ingredient is create a mild cleansing effect

✔ Slightly acid pH of 5.5 to protects and balances skin health

-Skin pH 5 or under: Acidic skin/oily skin

-Skin pH 7.1 or under: Alkaline-type skin/dry/troubled skin

✔ Made with safe and low hazard ingredients : Verified by EWG Green Grade (nonprofit environmental organization that verifies safety of cosmetic ingredients in the US)


heimish Cosmetic

Heimish is a brand launched in 2016 that showcases skin care and makeup products for natural Korean beauty. It focuses on expressing a special attractiveness from the simple and ordinary. Beauty that appeals to everyone, catches the eyes of the many through our soft and natural makeup line.